Spread local love this Valentines Day

Valentine’s day is fast approaching. For all those in relationships who tend to forget (you know who you are). Valentine’s day is on Tuesday – that’s 4 days away. This is not a drill. Repeat this is not a drill.

This year, Valentine’s day is something I am highly aware of for two reasons.

First, I’m in the UK. Valentine’s day isn’t as big a deal in Australia. Probably because Aussies don’t need to engage in mindless consumerism in February to cheer themselves up, because the sun is shining and they are too busy lying on the beach drinking beers. (Little sigh, I don’t miss it this time of year… hmmm, who am kidding).

Second I have a boyfriend. Much to my family’s and smug married friends joy, I’m finally off the shelf. To all my single friends, I’ll shut up now. That sounded so smug I’d punch myself in the face if I could.

Yet despite this change in relationship status. Somehow I can’t bring myself to get wrapped up in the consumerism of it all. I’ve looked at slushy cards in the shops. I’ve even picked a couple up but I can’t bring myself to buy one. I’m sorry G. But that soppy stuff is just not me. I’m a northern!

Despite this feeling, I do want to do something meaningful for my other half because I do appreciate him, he is my Valentine and given he’ll likely do something nice for me, I’d be a total bitch if I didn’t.

Sharing some local love

So, this year I am going to be ever efficient and kill two birds with one stone and share some local love this Valentine’s day. I’m talking about giving a locally sourced or produced gift because there are many benefits of shopping locally.

First up, buying from local businesses is a more personalised experience and you get a personal product as unique as your love. Chatting to local business owners can mean you can learn about how the product was made, where it was sourced and the story behind the design.

Secondly, spending locally helps keep local business open, gives us wider choice, more personalised service and helps keep cash in the Doncaster economy. It’s worth thinking about where the money goes when you shop in the famous high street brands. No prizes for guessing Hallmark is not based in Yorkshire.

Third it helps support local entrepreneurs, giving young people the opportunity to follow their dreams, share their passion, create new jobs in Doncaster rather than leaving for the big smoke.

Blossom Boutique Dozen Red Roses

So very Valentines, Blossom Boutique Dozen Red Roses

Where to shop local in Doncaster

  1. Blossom Boutique Flowers & Gifts, Kingsgate, Waterdale, Doncaster

Valentine’s day is all about flowers. If you want something a bit different check out the newest occupant in The Village Waterdale, the owner, Annabel Turner is only 21. Don’t let her age put you off, this lady is seriously talented in floral displays. Pick up a beautiful hand-made bouquet whilst helping support a local entrepreneur.

  1. The Enchanted Way, Units 3&4 The Corn Exchange, Doncaster Market.

Owned by Donny local Beth Murray, this carven is for all of those with big imaginations. Ask Beth to make you a love potion or a spell. Yep, a personalised spell made from apothecary style herbs and incense its comes beautifully presented in a box with instructions.  If that’s a bit wacky, she also sells beautiful candles and dream catchers.

apothecary87 Valentines Kit

Apothecary87 Valentines Kit

  1. Hughes’d, 22 Bowers Fold, Doncaster

If you want to demonstrate your love is made to last, why not buy give your loved one an antique gift. Think old fashioned board games and usual finds as unique as your other half. Chat to Chris the owner whilst you browse about his humble beginning on Doncaster market and how next year he’s going to be on TV.

  1. Apothecary 87 

If you man has a beard. Check out the beard balms, oils, combs and other gifts to keep your man’s facial hair looking trim, hipster and groomed. Founded, created and run by local entrepreneur Sam W. Martin this brand is now a national success. Single, love tatoos and still reading? Check out their Instagram, I’ll say no more.

  1. The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop

    Love vinyl @ The Notorious Aardvark Record Shop

    Notorious Aardvark– 4 Kingsgate, Waterdale, Doncaster

After flowers is anything as romantic as a well-chosen song? Back in the day we might have made a mix tape. CD’s are so last decade. But vinyl is timeless. And this is the place to go to get a true appreciation of all things vinyl. This isn’t the kind of place you ‘pop’ into. It’s the kind of place you go to browse and buy obviously, but also chat to Simon the owner about music and vinyl sleeves over coffee. Then letting the words of the all-time music greats do the Valentine’s day talking for you.

Happy Valentines day to everyone in Doncaster. BDx.

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