Beautiful Kitchen. Photo credit Beautiful Home

Cruising home in a new car

Running in autumn

Reasons to Love October

October is a wonderful month in the UK. Come October, we’ve stopped pretending we might be blessed with an Indian summer; you know, like the one back in 2003. Nobly embracing the onset of winter … Continue Reading →

Necking a bottle of wine

David Cameron's speach

The Colosseum - Rome

When in Rome

‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’. ‘All roads lead to Rome’. ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. I’d used these sayings most of my adult life, in that cliché kind of way, totally … Continue Reading →

Dad's and daughters

Thank You Dad

One of the management quotes I use most often with clients is, people remember criticism but they respond best to praise. No matter how high-up the corporate ladder we go or old we get, this … Continue Reading →

Bridget Jones Diary Photo

Bridget Jones Diary Photo

Bridget Jones Diary Photo