House Perving


I have a new hobby. I call it house perving. It entails looking lustfully (i.e. neck craining) at the really posh houses down Warningtongue Lane in the Bessacarr area of Doncaster. Then imagining living there with my 2.4 kids, a dog and Range Rover Sport – obviously.

House showroom lounge

Why not visit a showroom for cool decorating ideas.

Before you think I have gone totally mad. This hobby does extend to more realistic expectations. In the form of searching for houses on Rightmove with both a realistic, then imaginary budget. Not forgetting going to have a nosy around new build house showrooms.

Is it weird that I see more of what I like on the Rightmove, than I do on Tinder?

I wonder if it’s an age thing? As I approach my mid thirties, I’ve stopped perving over men who are out of my league (don’t get me wrong I still have a thing for David Beckham) but the amount of time dedicated to this activity has slowly dwindled. Replaced instead by lusting after houses, that coincidently are also out of my league.

House showroom - bedroom

One tends to get a little carried away looking around new build show houses.

I don’t think I’m alone in this transition. Last week, I went to a friend’s newly built house in Finningley. The house is magazine style stunning. As a result my friends and I spoke at length about the spacious open plan kitchen diner, ideas for feature decorations in the lounge, the stylish albeit it empty wine rack and the pièce de résistance  a separate indoor laundry area. Whilst partners and dating expeditions received half the air time.

House Perving – a healthy hobby?

I personally choose to think of this hobby as healthy. After all, if we don’t have aspirations and goals in life how will we ever achieve them? And the best bit, if our expectations for our future houses are increasing. Then, maybe just maybe, we can afford a little leeway in what we expect from our Tinder dates and future life partners…

How to take up house perving:

New build kitchen

Look at how fit this kitchen is!

  1. Start running or walking. By far the best way to spot all the best houses in your neighbourhood, without looking crazy. I love running down Bawtry Road and in the Old Cantley area.
  2. Get the Rightmove app on your phone and save your dream searches. No dick pics guaranteed!
  3. Go and have a nosy around the show houses at Keepmoat Doncaster. The interior décor is stunning. I’ve got some innovative and stylish decoration ideas from looking around.

Enjoy. BDx.

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