Donny Girls, WhatsApp & A Fab Italian Find

Photo of the girls drinking wine

Vino’s in Vivo finally happened, 300 WhatsApp messages later.

Italian food. Like many, I’m guilty of falling into the trap of not choosing an Italian restaurant when going out to eat, thinking why go out f’talian – that’s Donny speak for, ‘for an Italian’, when it only takes 15 minutes to cook pasta or stick a pizza in the oven at home. Then I have an absolute knock out Italian meal and I’m reminded why every Mama and Papa in Italy could have their own restaurant.

Girl’s and WhatsApp

But before we talk more about Italian food, can I ask what is it with girl’s nights and military organisation? Life was never like this in Australia. Is it just a Donny thing? First, there was the creation of a WhatsApp group, created early February for a night out mid March! There were 10 people in this group and near 300 messages exchanged to organise the night – discussing the restaurant, booking a table, arranging who was getting taxis with who, plus bantering about childcare and what to wear. Seriously, with the military precision that went into organising this girls’ night out, these women should be running NATO.

Bello Vivo Italiano

Chefs at Vivo

Chefs Franco and Giuseppe and I having a giggle in the kitchen.

Turns out the military precision paid off. We went for dinner at Vivo Ristorante Italiano, opposite the Earl of Doncaster, a part of town I’d never think of going for dinner.

As soon as I entered this place, I loved it. The low ceilings, dark wood tables and brick archways create an invitingly cosy atmosphere. Throw in that this place is family owned, the staff are the right amount of cheeky, all the food is made fresh and you have the full authentic Italian experience. Chatting to the chefs Franco and Giuseppe you get the feeling a lot of passion and love goes into this food. It blows my mind that people would go to Pizza Express when the genuine thing is available in Donny town centre for the same price.

What we liked about this place:

  1. The tomato garlic bread was great to share to start. Ask for the homemade chilli oil on the side. If you like chilli, this is outstanding.
  2. The chef speciality Polpette Della Casa or the Risotto Della Casa if you’d rather skip the gluten. Both delicious.
  3. Limoncello Cream Shots to accompany our bill. Hands down the best shot I’ve ever swallowed. This stuff is the drink of gods, no doubt because it contains more calories than most main meals.
  4. It’s great both for meeting mates and dates. Although probably a little rowdy for a romantic date on a Saturday night. I apologies profusely to the poor couple who were sat next to our table.
  5. The location. Good for parking if one of you is driving. It’s opposite the Earl of Doncaster which, with its new art deco bar, is great to meet in before hand for an aperitif.

    Cheers to Vivo Cream Limoncello

    Cheers to Cream Limoncello. Amaze.

All in all, it turned out to be a very good evening. So good in fact, someone suggested we organise a girly day to Leeds or York late summer. Confirmed the next morning when I woke up to 67 rather hilarious messages on the WhatApps group. Something I will lovingly embrace now I’m back in Donny. BDx.

Vivo Ristorante Italiano, 11 Bennetthorpe, Doncaster, DN2 6AA. This place gets busy so best to book in advance.